Pornography in Tijuana Bibles

I was recently watching The Watchmen (2009) Directed by Zack Snyder. He is one of my favorite directors just because he captures graphic novels and adapts them into films so beautifully. I also love how he uses slow motion in the fight scenes. He indeed is remarkable. If you haven’t seen one of his films go watch 300.


Well for all of you out there who have not seen the Watchmen there is a scene in where Laurie Jupiter/ Silk Spectre is talking to her mother and she pulls out this little book called a Tijuana Bible. Now it’s not very reliant to the over all plot but I thought it was interesting. Turns out Tijuana Bibles were really popular in the 1920 to the 1960s. They were a sort of pornographic cartoons. They were no way like the dirty porn that is displayed today but it was a sort of entertainment for men (and women …I did laugh at some of the comics I admit) during the depression. It was a way to make people smile.

Tijuana Bible usually contained popular characters such as Popeye, Blondie or even celebrities and famous political leaders. However most of the artists were unknown. The pages would be reprinted and become unreadable. They would be sold under the counter but slowly they met their downfall. In the 70s people started to turn always from buying cheaply reprinted books. And turned to newer ways of entertainment which has developed into the porn that anyone can view if they have means to the internet. Nevertheless it hasn’t be the total end of these. Even now artist still ridicule public figures.

And as a artist myself and my fellow classmates I do know we all appreciated those dirty little comics we drew in class, making fun of our teachers and classmates. So my goal for the summer… to make Tijuana bibles for my friends